New feature: Automagic custom templates

We’re excited to announce new features in Scribeberry! Autofill Templates: Upload PDFs, Word docs, or images, and our AI will create custom templates. Updated AI Models: Enhanced detail, accuracy, and speed for clinical notes, interpreting more data. Enjoy these enhancements!

New feature: Automagic custom templates

We've been cooking at Scribeberry. Based on feedback from our users, we're releasing a series of new features in the month of June. Below are the first two new features available immediately.

New features


Autofill templates - Automatically create custom templates from examples of clinical notes (upload files or paste in)

Drag n' drop files to automatically create custom templates

Updated AI Models - Increased level of detail, accuracy and speed for all notes. Ability to interpret much more data.

Autofill templates

One of the most loved features on Scribeberry has been the ability for providers to specify exactly how they want their notes to be written. We've made it even easier to quickly get started with custom templates. We just simplified the whole process.


Autofill templates quick video overview

All you have to do is upload an example of what you want Scribeberry to create as a note. You can upload PDFs, Word documents, image files, etc. Our AI will read the contents of your file and automatically create a custom template for you. You can then use that template for your patient encounters through live scribes or other notes. Just click the + New Template button from the right sidebar to get started.

How to start autofilling your custom templates

You can toggle between manual mode and autofill mode at any time and make any adjustments as needed. We hope you like it.

Updated AI Models

We have upgraded our AI models to be faster, more detailed, and provide greater medical context than ever before. With these enhancements, Scribeberry users can experience significant improvements in their workflow. For example, providers can now generate comprehensive patient notes in a fraction of the time, allowing them to focus more on patient care rather than documentation. Additionally, the increased context capability ensures that even complex medical histories are accurately captured, enhancing the overall quality of patient records. This update also introduces multimodal support, enabling a richer and more intuitive interaction with the AI, making it easier to incorporate various types of medical data seamlessly.

A quick thank you for your feedback

We greatly appreciate the feedback from our users. It really helps us understand your problems a lot better. The candid feedback some of our users provide is almost better as they typically lead to a much clearer path to designing a solution. We encourage users to continue sharing your experiences so that we can create the best product for providers.


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