New features for better workflows

New on Scribeberry: ScribeSync for seamless cross-device integration & MediRecall to maximize clinical notes utility. 🔐 Ensured HIPAA & PIPEDA compliances with rigorous data privacy & security measures. Discover how our latest features elevate your medical scribe experience.

New features for better workflows

We've always believed in evolving based on feedback, and today, we're thrilled to unveil the two most sought-after features by our provider network:

1. Cross-Device Scribe Synchronization (ScribeSync)

2. Reusable Recorded Conversations (MediRecall)

Here's a deeper dive into what each feature offers:

ScribeSync: Seamless Integration, Anytime, Anywhere

Now, physicians can effortlessly transition between devices with our enhanced ScribeSync. Initiate a live recording on your mobile device, perhaps your iPhone, and later, continue documenting from your laptop via Scribeberry without skipping a beat. Recognizing the dynamic nature of a healthcare provider's routine, this feature stands to be revolutionary for those often on the move and predominantly dependent on their mobile devices.

MediRecall: Maximizing Your Clinical Notes

With an emphasis on efficiency, we've enabled access to your original recordings, dictations, or case details. These can be seamlessly repurposed for fresh notes, referrals, or even templates, ensuring that valuable information is always at your fingertips and can be utilized to its fullest potential. This feature can also be used to retry generating notes due to network or other unforeseen issues.

A Note on Data Privacy & Security:

Ensuring the privacy of patient data has been paramount. The process of expanding our features, especially the ScribeSync, demanded rigorous attention to maintain HIPAA and PIPEDA compliances. Previously, scribes resided solely on the user's local device. We're proud to announce that while scribes can be accessed cross-device, they remain end-to-end encrypted, ensuring the utmost security and privacy whereby maintaining HIPAA and PIPEDA compliance.

We trust these upgrades will further enhance your experience with Scribeberry, aiding you in delivering optimal patient care. We're eager to hear your feedback and to continually adapt to serve you better.


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