Using our AI for Medical Research & Teaching

Scribeberry: your versatile AI scribe tool in healthcare education and practice. From crafting study cases to creating multilingual patient sheets, it's designed to foster understanding and ease in the medical field. Experience a dynamic approach to healthcare with Scribeberry.

Using our AI for Medical Research & Teaching

Aside from an automatic note-generating machine and an ambient transcribing conversation tool, many providers, residents and students use Scribeberry as a powerful research and education tool. This can be used for other learners, colleagues and even for your patients.

Scribeberry generated note from a medical case

For Medical Students and Residents

A comprehensive study tool

As students gear up for crucial board examinations such as the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) and COMLEX-USA (Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination of the United States), and their counterparts in Canada prepare for the MCCQE (Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination) and exams from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Scribeberry stands as a robust ally in their preparation. If you are a student or resident looking for a discount, please reach out.

Students can receive assistance in learning how to diagnose various conditions, providing a practical approach to mastering clinical case scenarios. Learners can copy and paste medical cases into the app, Scribeberry aids in understanding and diagnosing various conditions, offering a pragmatic approach to studying complex clinical cases, an essential skill to master for these examinations. Try it for yourself.

Create complex case scenarios

Apart from helping with existing cases, Scribeberry can be tasked to create complicated cases for students to work on. This feature is particularly beneficial for learners to develop a deeper understanding and hone their diagnostic skills through practical case resolutions. Learners can create cases and share them among study groups to better prepare for their examinations.

Research and references

The platform can be leveraged for research purposes, serving as a hub for comprehensive resources including drug dictionaries, medical journals, and the latest updates from reliable sources such as PubMed, WHO, and CDC. It facilitates ready access to a rich repository of information, aiding in the preparation of research papers, case studies, and understanding novel advancements in the medical field.

Scribeberry created a list of major clinical guideline libraries

For Attendings and other Providers

Create patient information sheets

Scribeberry enables the creation of detailed patient information sheets, promoting informed and transparent patient-doctor interactions. These sheets can elucidate various health conditions, treatment protocols, and other necessary information in an easily understandable format, fostering a trust-filled and knowledgeable healthcare environment.

Many of our users have patient populations whose first language is not English. Scribeberry lets them create information sheets for them in the language they understand. We support most languages including but not limited to French, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Amharic, Somali, Gujarati and many others.

Scribeberry generated a patient information sheet in Portuguese

Get help from your EMR/EHR

We were unaware of this as one of our users sent us a message about it. They were stuck trying to figure out how to navigate Epic and had Scribeberry open in another window. They just asked for a prayer, "how do I see my OR schedule for tomorrow in Epic?" We tweeted it for anyone else who may need help with Epic.

Scribeberry providing help on Epic


Scribeberry is not just a tool but a comprehensive assistant for medical professionals at different stages of their careers. By bridging technology with healthcare education and practice, it shapes a future where knowledge is not confined to textbooks but is dynamically and readily available across all mediums.

The really interesting and fun thing about Scribeberry is that our users are constantly finding new and exciting use cases. Our mission is to continue to build Scribeberry into an all-encompassing tool for any healthcare provider. With the aim of providing optimal patient care and of course, alleviating provider burnout. If you have any feedback (good or bad) please do not hesitate to reach out.


Scribeberry is an AI medical scribe tool for healthcare providers.