New Feature: Cleaner and Easier Medical Note Management

Discover the latest in medical documentation with Scribeberry! Enhanced note visibility, intuitive naming, flexible folders, and quick search functions. Streamline your scribing process for a more efficient clinic workflow.

New Feature: Cleaner and Easier Medical Note Management

We understand the importance of clean and efficient scribing in the busy lives of medical professionals. Responding to your invaluable feedback, we've rolled out some exciting enhancements to streamline your scribe management process. Scribe management has been something users have been asking for better visibility and optionality on. It's our pleasure to introduce a new feature set designed to make your notes clearer and more accessible. Give it a try today.

Here's a sneak peek into what we’ve enhanced:

Clearer scribe details

Now, you can see the type of note, its creation date, and the last viewed date at a glance. This feature ensures you have a holistic view of your notes, enabling efficient management and tracking.

Scribeberry Scribe Details

Drag n' Drop

This intuitive feature ensures seamless organization. Once you've set up your folders, simply drag and drop your scribes to structure them in a manner that suits your workflow. You do you.

Scribeberry Drag n' Drop Scribes

Intuitive naming customizability

Scribes now come with default names based on the template used. While this offers clarity, we've also provided the flexibility to edit the scribe name, allowing for additional context if needed.

Flexible folders

Organize your scribes the way you want! Whether it's grouping by clinic days, dates, names, locations, or specific clinicians, our folder system has got you covered. Plus, these folders can be created, renamed, and deleted as per your preference.


Scribeberry Scribe Management Walkthrough

Need to find a scribe in a pinch? Use our quick find search to locate your note in order to get back to your merry day.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Scribeberry community. We hope these updates enhance your experience and workflow. Your insights drive our progress, so please share any feedback or suggestions. Together, let's make Scribeberry the best it can be for all medical professionals.


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