New feature: Meet Ada, our new voice-based clinical AI co-pilot

Ada, our autonomous clinical co-pilot, is now live in Scribeberry's early beta. Ada takes histories using AI-powered speech recognition, chats with patients pre-visit, and summarizes their HPI.

New feature: Meet Ada, our new voice-based clinical AI co-pilot

An autonomous history taking clinical co-pilot that will both take history and auto-scribe for you

So listen, we don't know how to tell you this but we think this might be one of those industry-shattering releases. It's been a long-time coming, but we're ready to have folks try her out. Ada is now live and built right into Scribeberry as an early beta release.

Scribeberry Ada pre-visit demo

Ada will automatically take histories from your patients using AI powered speech recognition. She'll talk to your patients while they are waiting for you and summarize the HPI for you before you even walk into the room. Patients can do this in-person or remotely using their own phone or any mic-enabled clinic computer or tablet.

Scribeberry how to create new Ada pre-visit

Simply click on "New pre-visit" in the start menu, either have your MOA start the process on an examination computer when they room the patient or send your patient the link or QR code to collect the history. When the conversation with Ada is complete, the note will appear as a new scribe like always.

Scribeberry share URL or scan QR code to open Ada pre-visit

Once Ada collects the history, an HPI will generate. You can utilize Scribeberry's regular workflow to create unlimited notes with simple commands. Think disability forms (AISH, ODSP, etc.) ready to review in less than a few minutes, from data Ada automatically collected, before you even enter the room!

Scribeberry generated note from Ada pre-visit

The questions asked will adapt and respond to your patient at the level of a PGY2 Medical Resident. For accuracy, you can cross-check the HPI against the provided transcript between your patient and Ada if needed too.

Once generated, the notes can easily be transferred with a click to your EMR of choice.

What does this mean?

Imagine you have four exam rooms - and that 5 minute prescription refill just turned into a 30 minute appointment. Well, now you can deploy Ada to see your other three patients on its own and collect a history prior to you even walking into the room. The history will populate into a scribe ambiently and all use cases in Scribeberry's workflow can be utilized along with this pre-visit history.


With Ada, initial testing shows that physicians using Ada can now see an additional 2 patients per hour, and get back an extra 1 hour per day. This is in addition to the existing time saved just by using Scribeberry.

We have a lot of exciting things planned with Ada. But before we launch the full version, we would love to get you using and testing it for simple visits. We have updated our terms and conditions to include Ada's use.


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