Scribeberry is helping to solve administrative burden in health care

Scribeberry is a physician-led, Canadian-based, AI medical scribe tool for all health care providers. Scribeberry directly solves administrative burden by streamlining clinical and administrative work and allowing providers to maximize their time spent with patients.

Scribeberry is helping to solve administrative burden in health care

Addressing urgent healthcare crises

The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) has identified three urgent health-system crises: the crisis in primary care, the growing burden of unnecessary administration, and hospital overcrowding​​ (source). Scribeberry, with its comprehensive AI medical scribe features, plays a crucial role in addressing these issues, especially the overwhelming administrative burden that contributes to physician burnout.


Family doctors spend an estimated 19 hours a week on administrative tasks says Dr. David Barber (source)

How our features help

Scribeberry's impact on the Canadian healthcare system is significant, with over 8,000 users, including physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and allied health professionals. A key feature enhancing Scribeberry's functionality is its advanced transcription service, which allows for audio file uploads, streamlining the process of converting spoken interactions into written records. Our most used feature is the AI ambient scribes (both in-person and remote telehealth), which has also improved the quality of care provided to patients.

Addressing the administrative burden

The OMA highlights that 2.2 million Ontarians are without a family doctor, a situation exacerbated by physician burnout, with too much time spent on paperwork rather than patient care (source)​​. Scribeberry's suite of features, including ambient scribes (both in-person and remote), clinical decision-making support, AI charting and documentation, and custom templates, effectively reduce this administrative workload.

Impact on physician productivity and burnout

Scribeberry has already been helping thousands of providers.

By reducing administrative tasks by 50-80%, Scribeberry saves doctors 1-2 hours daily, allowing them to focus more on patient care and see 30-50% more patients​​ (source).

This not only enhances healthcare delivery but also addresses physician burnout, a critical issue identified by the OMA.

Conclusion: Scribeberry's Contribution to a Sustainable Healthcare Future

Scribeberry, through its innovative AI medical scribe tools and collaboration with entities like Microsoft and the University of Alberta, is building a future where healthcare professionals can focus on patient care without the threat of burnout​​. By addressing the urgent priorities identified by the OMA, Scribeberry is contributing to a more efficient and sustainable healthcare system in Canada.