CBC Interview: Scribeberry Co-founders on Combating Healthcare Burnout

Tune into an intimate chat on CBC Radio, where Dr. Zaahir Moloo and Amaan Rattansi talk about Scribeberry, their tool easing healthcare professionals' workloads. Personal inspiration meets AI prowess in their mission to combat burnout and improve patient care.

CBC Interview: Scribeberry Co-founders on Combating Healthcare Burnout
Dr. Zaahir Moloo speaks with CBC Edmonton in Studio about Scribeberry

A Conversation with CBC Radio

If you've had the chance to tune into CBC Radio lately, you might have caught the conversation between host Tara McCarthy and our co-founders, Dr. Zaahir Moloo and Amaan Rattansi. They shed light on Scribeberry, a tool designed with care that uses artificial intelligence to help ease the heavy burdens borne by our healthcare professionals.

Our Motivation Behind Scribeberry

Inspired by Dr. Moloo's firsthand experience as a Family Physician in Edmonton, and the challenges faced by Amaan's partner, an Obstetrician/Gynecologist, we took our personal journeys to heart and channelled them into creating a unique solution. Our mission is clear and deeply personal: to alleviate the exhausting pressures on healthcare providers, making their jobs easier and in turn, improving patient outcomes across Canada.

A Boon to Over 2,000 Providers and Counting

In just a few short months since our launch, Scribeberry has been embraced by over 2,000 physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other allied health professionals. Our tool, which helps automate tasks such as charting, dictating, and patient education, is not just a productivity enhancer—it's a lifeline, a promise of solace in a challenging work environment. The overwhelming response we've had is a testament to Scribeberry's immense value and potential for meaningful impact on the lives of our healthcare heroes.


Dr. Moloo shares what doctors have been saying about Scribeberry

Scribeberry Partnerships

In collaboration with Microsoft for Startups, AIMSS, and the University of Alberta, we are continually improving and working toward future advancements. We are not just building software, we are building a future where healthcare professionals can focus on their passion—caring for patients—without the threat of burnout.


Dr. Moloo shares details about a new research project starting with AIMSS and the University of Alberta

If you missed the live show on CBC, you can listen to the full interview here and hear more about Scribeberry's commitment to making a difference.

A Compassionate Companion

Our journey is not just inspired by the stories we hear but by the compassion we feel for healthcare professionals grappling with burnout. Scribeberry is about bringing more humanity to healthcare—improving conditions for those who give so much. We’re here, alongside you, committed to transforming the narrative of burnout to one of resilience and care.

We would love to hear from you and are always open to any feedback on how we can improve our product. Thank you!