100+ New Templates, Reduced Error Rates, Dictionary Improvements

We have launched over 100 new templates spanning multiple healthcare categories. These include specialty specific notes, disability forms, procedures, radiology generations, allied healthcare notes, physical exams, and more. We have also reduced our error rate and improved our medical dictionary.

100+ New Templates, Reduced Error Rates, Dictionary Improvements

Hello Everyone!

We hope you are having a wonderful week. Over the past while, we have been collecting feedback from you to improve your experience.

We have launched over 100 new templates spanning multiple categories and have organized them for easy reference. We have also fixed bugs in relation to our dropdown menu to improve the user experience.


100+ New Templates:

1. Refined Live Conversation Specific Templates
2. Physical Examinations
3. Every single medical procedure/intervention (use /Procedure Note)
4. Every single medical OR Report (use /OR Report)
5. Specialty-specific notes/consults spanning all specialties
6. Ancillary Health Care Notes spanning multiple disciplines
7. Diagnostic Radiology/Pathology: simply enter the demographics and diagnosis you see in real life and the report will generate
8. Disability Forms: AISH and CPP are now up. Simply enter information, and the relevant sections will generate. Attach these to the real forms, sign them, and submit!

Template examples:

As always, start using Scribeberry by pressing the "/" key into the bottom box and pick your desired template:


Scribeberry includes over 100 medical templates


Reduced Error Rate: We have taken steps to reduce the error rate of our AI model to prevent erroneous information, while still providing a quality product. We have also improved our medical dictionary to ensure words transcribe correctly.


Improvements in the Medical Dictionary: We have taken steps to recognize more accents/intonations and improve the capability of scribeberry to recognize medical terminology with accuracy. This continues to be a work in progress, but we are hopeful you will notice significant improvements!


Example using "/SOAP Note (Standard)" with details provided: 35yoM Rt Mild Lateral Ankle Sprain. 2 Day History. Standard Expected Visit.

Example using "/Dictation"

We hope these changes are helpful. As always, any feedback (positive or negative) is welcome as we continuously strive to improve Scribeberry.

Thank you,

The Scribeberry team